ViUR makes its code more accessible with a license shift to MIT

The ViUR framework now performed a switch in its licensing terms from LGPLv3 into the MIT license.
This move aims to broaden the project's reach and foster a more vibrant development community.

Previously, the LGPLv3 license ensured derivative works based on ViUR's code remained open-source. While this fosters open collaboration, it might have deterred some developers and companies hesitant about the "copyleft" requirement.

The new MIT license simplifies things. Users now have the freedom to incorporate ViUR's code into proprietary software. This opens doors for wider adoption, particularly in commercially driven projects. Additionally, it streamlines collaboration, allowing developers using different licenses to seamlessly integrate ViUR's codebase into their projects. This newfound flexibility has the potential to attract a larger pool of contributors and accelerate innovation for ViUR.

While the decision to switch licenses is significant, the ViUR team believes the MIT license presents a compelling path forward, fostering a more open and collaborative development environment for the project.