ViUR Sprint 2017

Last week, the **ViUR Sprint** happened, a meeting that entirely related to our free software development framework. In total, 15 boys and girls from the [Mausbrand-staff]( met for one week in Het Heijderbos, near the dutch-german border, dedicating their time to several topics around ViUR. Many ideas and brainstormings on future developments of the framework were in focus. Also, lots of lightning-talks and discussions on current possibilities were hold. The Sprint was surrounded by several spare time activities, lots of food and common game nights. ViUR has been [moved to GitHub]( some months ago, whereby we want to advance a transparent and open development process. Meanwhile, the framework has been released in a stable [version 2.1](/blog/view/5706163895140352/ViUR+2.1+is+here%21) and is continuously improved. We take a great interest in any help to make ViUR easier, more flexible and richer. Information about its benefits, how to use it and where to start can be found here, on []( Amongst other things, the main topics on the ViUR sprint have been - Tips and tricks on multi-lingual systems - Improvements and JavaScript-handling in dynamic web forms - Revisions and ideas for the HTML editor - Screencasts for newbies - Search Engine Optimization and Google Tag Manager - Progressive Web Apps - Context-based programming of ViUR modules - Redesign of the administration interface "Vi" - Ideas on new data fields and input possibilities - Generic role- and rights-management - Extensions on the ViUR project base repository and setup tool Furthermore, the proposal of naming future ViUR releases after volcanoes came up, which we want to introduce now!