Kilauea comes with ViUR 2.3

We're proud to announce the release of ViUR 2.3, »Kilauea«. This release is mostly a service release with many bugfixes and improvements on stability and existing features. Therefore, the ViUR [server]( allows the usage of None values for filtering and offers a new `redirect()` function in Jinja templates. ViURs web-based administration interface [Vi]( provide new and useful debugging options for users and developers as well as a new, heavily extended ListHandler which provides many useful extensions to the things one can do with the adminInfo. See the [corresponding wiki entry]( for more information. [Logics and vistache]( are coming with slightly changed semantics and new functions. The [html5 library]( we use for Vi and other one-page web-apps was also improved to support newer JavaScript event handling. Enjoy the new version and checkout ViUR 2.3 from the official [download page](/download#2.3) or on [GitHub]( Existing projects should run out-of-the-box without any changes on ViUR 2.3.