ViUR 2.4 "Agung" - A feature explosion!

With "Agung" we bring the flair of Bali to us. A reminder of the remote office on the enchanting tropical island. The heart of the 2.4 release is Summernote: a completely new text editor that replaces our aging in-house solution. It offers modern online word processing, excellent usability and of course reliable code. We can't rule out the possibility of errors in the display during the changeover, but everything went very well during internal tests! ## server In server the main focus in many small improvements was put on stability and performance. But also the debugging was improved. We have separated from Bugsnag and now recommend to use [Google Stackdriver]( instead. Our server should be a lean and secure tool. Therefore we removed the outdated modules "Drive-Video" and "Google-Checkout" and activated SSL by default. You can find the [complete changelog here]( ## Visual Interface (vi) In addition to Summernote, improvements in performance and usability have been introduced to our Visual Interface. We have cleaned up the [HTML5 library]( and the loading behavior, so that Vi starts much faster and only loads the modules that are actually used. The access URLs and key controls have also been improved. You can find the [complete changelog here]( ## ViUR 3 scheduling Regarding to the Python 2 end-of-life in 2020, and also since Google finally arranges its Python 3 support for the Google App Engine Standard Environment, our future development mostly concentrates on ViUR 3 as the next-generation ViUR for Python 3. Anyway, a ViUR 2.5 release might be coming with some fixes and improvements until the Python 2 support finally ends. Download ViUR 2.4 from the official [download page](/download#2.4) or on [GitHub]( Please check-out especially the [server's changelog]( on existing projects - in most cases, changes are not breaking.