Welcome to ViUR 3

From data to digital: ViUR, the Python framework for modern web development.

ViUR is an open source software development framework that was created to fulfill both designers and developers needs and requirements. It provides a clear concept for implementing agile data management software. It's written in Python™ and already attracted a steady growing community constantly helping and improving ViUR.

ViUR consists of several modules that can be combined according to the requirements. Beside the core modules there are additional ones that can be added for different requirements. Some modules can also be used independently in different contexts.

ViUR Core Modules



ViUR provides a clear concept for implementing agile data management software. Its underlying database is Googles Cloud Datastore, which is a scalable document database.

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This is the best place to start a new ViUR project from!

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The Vue.js based administration interface for the ViUR framework. It automatically generates a user interface based on the underlying ViUR data model with some meta-information, and can be extended by plugins to customized functions.

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A scripting enviroment for the ViUR Framework.

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A command-line interface for ViUR framework project maintenance. viur-cli allows to control, maintain and develop a ViUR project from one central location by using the viur command.

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Additional Modules

Sample Stacks

We have created some charts for different usage in multiple scenarios to show you how the ViUR modules can be organized and work together. These are just ideas or proposals and shall serve as inspiration for your project.

Native Application
Database Application
Database Application without Google

The blog

Below, you can find latest news and updates on ViUR and its components.

ViUR makes its code more accessible with a license shift to MIT

The ViUR framework now performed a switch in its licensing terms from LGPLv3 into the MIT license.This move aims to broaden the project's reach and foster a more vibrant development community.Previously,...

ViUR is sponsoring an open internet

We believe in an open internet and the ideas and goals of the semantic web. That's why we are donating to our favourite Open Source projetcs on a regular basis. If you want to know where our money is going...

ViUR 3 available and stable

In 2020, we started to develop on the Python 3 port of the server component of ViUR, and renamed it to just core. During the corona pandemic, we silently developed it further and further, to become a...

html5 Library

This is a presentation with some examples about how to use our HTML5 library to write fast, extensible and modular web-apps in Python!

#ilovefs 2020

Today’s I Love Free Software Day is all about Free Software and Open Source. Free software is an integral part of today's information society and infrastructure.Everyday’s life would be inconceivable...


In parallel to the Python 3 port of ViUR, our free application development framework for the Google App Engine platform, we also did some experimenting with an alternative for our PyJS-based administration...

ViUR 2.4 "Agung" - A feature explosion!

With "Agung" we bring the flair of Bali to us. A reminder of the remote office on the enchanting tropical island. The heart of the 2.4 release is Summernote: a completely new text editor that replaces our...

Kilauea comes with ViUR 2.3

We're proud to announce the release of ViUR 2.3, »Kilauea«. This release is mostly a service release with many bugfixes and improvements on stability and existing features. Therefore, the ViUR...

Etna erupts!

We are proud to officially announce ViUR Version 2.2 "Etna", as the latest stable release of our powerful Python framework for the Google App Engine infrastructure. In contrast to our previous versions,...

ViUR Sprint 2017

Last week, the **ViUR Sprint** happened, a meeting that entirely related to our free software development framework. In total, 15 boys and girls from the [Mausbrand-staff](https://www.mausbrand.de/en) met...